The Japan office was established in Ikoma-Shi, Nara-Ken, in 1999 due to the increasing demand for Our Daily Bread in Japanese. Quarterly distribution of Our Daily Bread in Japanese began in December 2000, and a variety of print, audio, and digital Japanese language resources, including Discovery Series booklets, have been made available to encourage Japanese readers in their faith and to help them explore the Bible further.

English language resources are also available from Japan office. The Journey Series caters to individuals or groups who desire to spend time studying God’s Word book-by-book, and we also carry limited stocks of Our Daily Bread in English.

These resources have been made available to you at no charge through the support of believers in Japan. Many people, making even the smallest of donations, enable Our Daily Bread Ministries to reach others with the life-changing wisdom of the Bible. We are not funded or endowed by any group or denomination.


Contact Information

Our Daily Bread Ministries
PO Box 46
Ikoma Nara 630-0291

(+81-743) 75 8299


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Jonathan Hayashi: Gangster Turned Pastor

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I swore at God, "You’re not coming into my life now, not after what you didn’t do for me. If you loved me, why didn’t you give me a dad that loved me? If you loved me, why didn’t you protect me from the bullies in school? If you loved me, why didn’t you protect my mother and my siblings…