Our office in Australia was first set up in Ryde, Sydney, in 1993. Despite meeting some challenges along the way, the Lord has graciously provided for the ministry, leading it to where it is today. Since 2008, we have been happily settled in Melbourne, Victoria.
Our team consists of staff and volunteers who share the common passion to see the Word of God impact the lives of people. It’s not hard to find traces of brokenness when we take a look around—whether it’s on the news in a distant country, or right here in our homes. That is why we seek to provide resources that will connect people to the life-transforming power of God’s Word.
Partnering with local churches and ministries is an important part of the work as it helps us to serve one another, and together work towards meeting the needs of believers in Australia. It has been a privilege to work closely with Australian pastors and Bible teachers in developing resources specific to our country.
Our most widely-used resource internationally is the Our Daily Bread devotional, which features short daily readings that encourage the reader with God’s Word in a relatable way. You can subscribe to receive this in print, via email, or by downloading the app.
Other resources include the Discovery Series, a large collection of short titles that tackle different experiences in the Christian life, such as facing disappointment or suffering, building healthy spiritual habits, practicing discernment in a digital world, and many more.
These materials are available for you to browse in our office, or online. They come in a wide range of formats, including print, digital, audio, and video. We welcome visitors and would be glad to help you find something suitable for your needs. You can also write to us at


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