The pandemic has been difficult for us all, but more so for children. Children everywhere have been affected directly or indirectly by the aftermath of the virus. Whether it is a fear of the future, a loss of loved ones, a change in routine, a longing for school, or a lack of socialising – children have it rough. With this next wave causing more damage than before, we need to address these young ones with resources that encourage, motivate, and propel them into emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness. So, as you explore these resources let us encourage you as parents and caregivers to use these as tools to tap into their inner person and direct them towards Jesus who alone can bring healing and wholeness.

What can you do to be safe during covid time?

A great video to help children remember the basics of how to keep themselves safe and well. A little funny and a lot to learn.

What do you want to do after Covid?

Interested to know what your kid wants to do after the pandemic ends? We asked this question to other kids too listen to their interesting answers.


How can you help others during covid?

Can kids make a difference? We believe they can! Watch as these kids give their opinions on how they hope to make a change to the world around them. Who knows we may get some ideas too!

School closure and a departure from their normal has traumatized kids more than we know. Although a lot of parents and caregivers stay at home, spending time with children has become more difficult with increased work pressure. As workspace and home space collide, the constant juggle has left parents with little or no time to really examine how their child is doing. These resources will help you tap into your child’s thoughts and will give you that little window into their well-being. As you do these exercises may we encourage you to:

    1. Do one exercise with your child each day
    2. Talk with them about what they have written or drawn
    3. Listen to their emotions and reassure them from Scripture
    4. Re-use these exercises from time to time to stay in touch with them.

My Everyday Chart
Help your child assume a new normal as they put pen to paper and get accustomed to planning and preparation.

Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt
What are some of the things that you are happy and grateful for in your life? Help your child reflect on the positives in life.

Internal Weather Report
Like the weather outside, the weather inside our hearts changes too. Get to know how your child is feeling today.

Covid Time Capsule
A multi-page time capsule to help you remember what these times were like. A place for your child to note down their favourites and feelings. Perhaps when they look back later, they will see the goodness of God.

Blessings Chart
A chart to keep hanging on your child’s bedroom door or wall. Help them fill it up as they go along. Reflect on the blessings they have in their life, and keep coming back when you have something to add.

Encouraging Scriptural Colouring sheets
A multi-page inspirational colouring and activity sheets combined with Scripture to help your child dive into God’s word. Encouraging and entertaining this is something they will enjoy.