Who is your favourite celebrity? What would you do if you got to meet them in reality? Maybe you would get their autograph, or maybe you would click a quick ‘selfie’ with them. Whatever you end up doing we are sure that this will be a very precious memory for you.

I wonder how the wise men and the shepherds felt when they first met Jesus? With an angelic announcement and a spectacular star leading them to this ‘new’ king, I am sure they felt like they were in the presence of a celebrity. Who knows, they may have even clicked a few ‘selfies’ if they’d had a phone back then! One thing is for sure, their lives were forever changed. The Bible tells us that they went back with great joy (Luke 2:20) and told everyone that they had met the Saviour of the world!


Read Luke 2:1-21 & Matthew 2:1-12. Get your family, neighbours, and friends together to act out what you have just read. Perhaps your mom could be “Mary” and your dad “Joseph.” An old nightie or kurta can make a fantastic robe. Let your imagination go wild!

Just like the wise men and the shepherds we too can meet this ‘celebrity’ called Jesus any time of the day or night. Meeting him is as easy as ‘P R A Y’


Psalm 139:4 says that God knows what we are going to say even before we say it. So, you don’t need to use fancy words with God, just talk to Him like you would to your best friend.


The fact that God loves us more than anyone else,in addition to being all-powerful, helps us realize that He can & will answer us when we call. (Jeremiah 33:3)


Sometimes when our answers are delayed, we feel like God is far away & doesn’t care, but He does. Just have faith in his love & He will turn things around.


Reading God’s word is another way to meet Jesus, but accepting what He says is not always easy. However, when we hold on to His promises in our heart, we will see that they are always for our good.


A happy little family of chickens lived on a farm. The proud Papa Rooster strutted and clawed at the ground. Mama Hen had just laid eggs and they were PERFECT! As Mama hen sat brooding over the eggs with love, her warmth kept the baby chicks cosy inside their shells. Warm and comfortable, the chicks slept all day in their oval, brown, eggy beds. What they didn’t know was that Mama’s warmth was making them grow.

Twenty-one days later, Mama Hen and Papa Rooster heard the sound they had been waiting for, the ‘crack- ity-crack’ of the eggshells as the little baby chickens hesitantly stepped out of their little eggy home. Although afraid to step out into the great, wide world, the chicks steadily broke their shells with their tiny beaks as Mama Hen and Papa Rooster cheered them on. Those tiny feathery beings ran into the warm embrace of their Mama.

That was the one place they could trust – Mama Hen’s warm embrace. As Mama Hen snuggled with her newly hatched chicks, they no longer feared the great, wide world or their new beginning outside their eggy homes. Mama Hen’s warm embrace was all that mattered to them.

Starting anything new is scary. As the old year ends and a new one begins, maybe everything seems scary to you too. A new school, new friends, and a new normal. Just like the little chicks that trusted Mama Hen and Papa Rooster, we too can be certain that we are safe in God’s warm embrace. A new year may bring a new beginning, but we are safe because Jesus is with us.



Connect the dots on the drawing below and don’t forget to colour the picture in!

~ MAZE ~

The shepherds heard from the angels about baby Jesus who was born in the manger. Can you help them find their way to the manger?


Find the hidden words in the grid.


Send us a picture of your handmade Christmas card to +91 95000 37162 before 25th December 2021 and we will select 5 special winners across 2 categories for some great prizes.

  • Group 1 (Ages 4-9 years old)
  • Group 2 (Ages 10-14 years old)

Contest Criteria
Participation is limited to India and to one entry only per child. Judges’ decisions are final and will be based on colour, innovation, combination, and creativity.

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