As Christians we are called to be apprenticed to our Lord Jesus. In a world that lacks exemplary and wise mentors, Jesus offers to be our Master. He invites us to go to Him, be yoked with Him and to personally learn from Him (Matt. 11:28-30).

How can we respond to His invitation to be apprenticed to Him? We are often harassed and distracted in our modern existence, torn in different directions, and confused and restless. It is to us that Jesus extends His wonderful invitation. In this series of talks, we shall examine the invitation of Jesus and explore what it means to be apprenticed to Him in practical terms.

Bible Conference 2019: Apprenticed to Jesus
Topic: Come To Me
Date: March 29 (Friday)
Time: 8:00p.m. – 10:00p.m.
Venue: Canning Garden Methodist Church, Ipoh
23, Jalan Keliling, Taman Canning, 31400 Ipoh, Perak


Admission is free


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Speaker’s Bio

Bishop Emeritus Dr. Robert Solomon was the Bishop of The Methodist Church in Singapore from 2000 to 2012. Currently retired, he now keeps busy with an active itinerant ministry speaking and teaching in many countries. He has served previously as a medical doctor, church pastor, principal of Trinity Theological College and president of the National Council of Churches of Singapore. Dr. Solomon holds degrees in medicine, theology, intercultural studies, and a Ph.D. in pastoral theology from the University of Edinburgh. He has contributed many articles to books, theological dictionaries and journals and authored many books, including The Race, The Conscience and The Enduring Word.
Read excerpts from books and articles by Robert M. Solomon at the Finding Rest for the Soul website.


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