In these trying times, grief appears to be the primary emotion that we are all faced with. Each day, the loss seems closer to home, and we are left bewildered by the world around us. We also perhaps have numerous questions on the goodness of God, and we wonder if we will ever recover from this devastation. These real-life testimonials offer you a window of encouragement to show you that you can rise above this hopeless situation. Spoken from the heart, these authentic voices breathe life even in these trying times. And as we present these ‘Stories of Hope’ we pray that they will help you emerge from this period of despair into a period of hope.

Selina William lost her father to Covid in July last year. From staying at home during the lockdown and enjoying their time together as a family to her father’s sudden death within a week of getting hospitalized, it was an extremely traumatic time for her and her family. Watch Selina share her story of how she journeyed through that time of unbelievable pain and doubts to now when a year later, she is able to sense and testify that God was with her through out.


“I will live and not die, and declare the works of the Lord” – Psalm 118:17. This scripture among many gave hope to Ben Vijay, who shares that as he meditated on the scriptures, he was steadfast in his mind that the Lord was in control and that He could do the impossible. Ben shares that he was firm in his faith and yet, was prepared for any given eventuality and was determined to praise God in all circumstances.

Pearl lost her mother to heart disease last year during the first Covid wave. And shortly after,  Pearl, her father and her husband tested positive for Covid, having contracted it during her mother’s funeral. At a time of grief, her family was quarantined in different places and her father hospitalized. By the grace of God, everyone recovered well. Watch Pearl share her story of how she held on to God during what was the most traumatic phase of her life till date.


When Mr. Charles Money tested Covid positive he thought he could recover at home. But when the prescribed treatment did not help, he found admission in a hospital with great difficulty. But even in the hospital, with too many patients and too few doctors, he found himself alone without any medical attention. Alone, with no one to help or understand his pain, he cried out to God for deliverance, who wonderfully delivered him. Today, he shares his testimony for the glory of God and also shares the three things he learned from this experience.