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    God Uses Ordinary People

    God Uses Ordinary People: Lessons from the Life of Elisha. Elisha is an ordinary man called to extraordinary events, and there is much we can learn from him. Hear our speaker as he teaches us from this person in the Bible.

    Like Buying Gold

    Sri Lanka needs our help. Click to watch.

    The Cross

    Find out more: https://ourdailybread.org/the-cross/

    Gift of Grace

    We can easily get consumed by the activities and extravagance of Christmas. We can also be burdened by the sadness of our situation and emotions. No matter the circumstances, you can lean into Jesus—the best gift we could ever receive—and He will calm your spirit.

    What’s Your Perspective?

    Through our own narrow lens of experiences, our viewpoint is often unclear and unreliable. We can feel confused and in the dark. When we realign our perspective to God’s vision, we can see clearly.