Order Fulfillment

Help people discover the truths of the Bible and grow through personal study. Work alongside other Service Partners to package orders for Our Daily Bread and Bible-study booklets. Some manual dexterity and minimal light lifting may be required. Must be able to distinguish product codes and match contents to the order requirement. Ability to follow instructions regarding such procedures as mailing inserts and packing product in the proper container is a plus. We ask that the time of service chosen would be consistent each week to allow us to schedule materials appropriately.

Mail Processing

Are you interested in being a part of an important function of the ministry where customer service begins? If so, this is the place for you! Our Mail Processing Department has many clerical volunteer positions. Organizational skills and attention to detail is required. Availability requirement: a minimum of 3 hours per week.


This is a wonderful opportunity to play a role in supporting our radio programs.

Discover the Word

is a daily program designed to involve the listener in insightful conversations about biblically based subjects that relate to them. Over the years, the trio of Mart De Haan, Alice Mathews, and Haddon Robinson has developed an inviting style of discussion, using creative and varied teaching methods to help listeners apply Scripture to their daily lives. Computer skills needed to organize and store electronic scripts. Accuracy and attention to detail is required.


Play a behind the scenes role in our TV production.

Day of Discovery

is a weekly TV program with the purpose to help viewers gain a better understanding of God through what He has said in the Bible. Discussions include topics such as prophecy, social issues, reasons to believe in the Christian faith, and principles that apply the wisdom of the Scriptures to life. We need computer savvy people for the following tasks that appear periodically:

Video Logging

For those who enjoy the technical aspect of using a computer, this is a unique way to travel by means of the wonderful world of media. A friendly staff is available to train you in logging videos of footage taken by our TV Producers Work Team in places like Israel. This is a task that does not require a regimented schedule. If you think you might have a few extra hours a week to spend with us, we encourage you to apply.

Transcription Proofer

Attention to detail is a plus as you proof transcripts of interviews taken by the Day of Discovery crew as they come in from the field. Because this task is time-sensitive, we are seeking volunteers who can be flexible and dependable for on-call service.

Discovery House Publishing

Discovery House Publishing needs an assistant to process requests for product. Skills and proficiencies include learning FileMaker Pro computer program, typing ability, high level of accuracy required in preparation of 300-piece mailing per week, and knowledge of how to operate office equipment. This is an ongoing task that requires 4 hours a week.


Our housekeeping department needs a volunteer to help in the lunchroom. The tasks would include wiping off tables, general clearing of counters and kitchen, and restocking food items. This task requires someone who is available early in the day and again later in the afternoon.

Document Imaging

We have projects available using software that translates hard copy documents into images for easier storage and access. This support work requires good organization and computer skills and attention to detail.

Member Service Surveying

From time to time we like to follow up with members and others who receive Our Daily Bread Ministries publications to assure they are satisfied with our products and services. This surveying work requires friendly and professional phone skills, and the ability to accurately record feedback given.

Service Partner Floater

If you would like to serve on a regular basis but don’t want to do the same task, becoming a “floater” would be a choice for you. The Service Partner team will assist in coordinating placement in various aspects of ministry that you find interesting and appealing. We have a variety of tasks in an enjoyable office environment. We would welcome a broad range of skills and proficiencies. These opportunities are available with flexible schedules.

On-Call Volunteers

If you prefer not to commit to a schedule, here’s an idea. We have several periodic tasks assignments in departments such as:

Radio and television production, media duplication and distribution

Information and technology services

Marketing, order fulfillment, finance, human resources, building and grounds maintenance

Incoming mail functions, data entry, correspondence, public services

Requirements: High school graduate, PC experience desirable, basic mathematical skills, good organizational and communication skills, able to follow instructions, able to be flexible with the needs of the ministry.

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