A New Opportunity

Friends of Our Daily Bread Ministries continue to inquire about opportunities for volunteer service. They want to be involved in getting the Our Daily Bread and other Bible-study materials into the hands of more people. Because of this interest, and after realizing the significance of volunteers in our international offices, we have decided to enlist the help of volunteers for our Grand Rapids office. In the fall of 2003, Our Daily Bread Ministries established a volunteer program called Service Partners.

Have you ever wished you could have a part in impacting the spiritual lives of millions of people, but decided there was no way it could ever happen?  Well, now there’s a way you can through an exciting new service opportunity at Our Daily Bread Ministries.

By giving of your time and talents, you can help us provide Bible-based resources to millions of people throughout the world.

The first step is getting to know each other better.  We want to find the ideal use of your talents.  But, you’ve probably thought of several questions you would like to ask about how this new program works.  So let’s try to answer the questions you might have.

I don’t have any ministry experience, but how can I help?

There’s no previous ministry experience required.  All we ask is a sincere desire to use the talents you already have in helping provide people with biblical resources that will help nurture their relationship with Jesus.

What kind of time commitment would I have to make?

That’s up to you.  If, through the process of getting to know each other, you decide you’d like to become a ministry service partner, you will determine the number of hours you’ll spend here each week.  All we ask is a commitment to the hours you establish.  Our Service Partners are volunteering from 8 to 70 hours per month.  Some are on call and others have established a weekly service schedule.  We do our best to tailor a plan that best meets your desires.

I’m not familiar with Our Daily Bread Ministries and don’t know anyone there.  Will I fit in?

Be assured that our staff members would be happy to get to know you, and grateful for any volunteer effort you can give.  We know you’ll find the environment friendly and comfortable.

What are the tasks I would be asked to perform?

While there are many areas of ministry that could use your help, we want to find the best match of your talents and passion for ministry.  Our Daily Bread Ministries offers a wide range of opportunities to serve in relatively non-skilled positions and in support roles that require certain professional aptitudes.  You can contribute in areas of ministry such as mail processing, clerical support, information technology, building maintenance, sports broadcasting, and media production.

We are excited to tap into the time, life-experience, and abilities of friends of the ministry who are looking for a way to lend a hand. We believe that together we can reach more people around the world from our office in Grand Rapids with daily devotionals and biblical resources.

We appreciate your taking the time to consider what you can do to help the work of Our Daily Bread Ministries—reaching people around the world from right here in Grand Rapids with daily devotionals and biblical resources.

Thank you for your friendship with Our Daily Bread Ministries.  We look forward to hearing from you.