2017 in review

Yes, our God is so faithful! He continues to provide for Our Daily Bread Ministries as we work together to bring the gospel message and spiritual encouragement to people around the world. As we close out one year and begin another, we thought you might enjoy hearing about some of the exciting things going on in the ministry.

Look and see what the Lord has done in 2017. We are grateful for the prayers and support that the Lord uses to make it all possible!

Rick DeHaan, President
Our Daily Bread Ministries

“Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commandments.”

Sharing the Gospel around the World


Reaching Out to Hurting Children

Every Monday, more than 250 children from all over the state are seen for diagnosis and treatment at the Workers Hospital in Curitiba, Brazil.

Our Daily Bread Ministries partnered with the Clown Ministry of Snowball Church to reach out to the children in the hospital. The Clown Ministry uses music, dance, circus arts, and worship to spread the message of salvation through creative evangelism.

Our Daily Bread Ministries provided the children’s book Luke at the Hospital to comfort children and their families during a challenging time. This colorful book was designed by our Brazil office and presents the gospel message in a kid-friendly way to help children cope with the stress that comes from being in the hospital.

Harrison, one of our Brazil team members, shares his thoughts on the day:

“I will remember that day for the rest of my life! Visiting the hospital after the dances and jokes, we distributed the Luke at the Hospital booklet and prayed individually for each child. Many expressed their desire to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. As a member of the team prayed, the children and their parents repeated loudly asking Jesus to enter their hearts. It was beautiful!”


Opening Roads in Sri Lanka

After a 26-year-long war between government troops and separatists that ended in 2009, Sri Lankans are still picking up the pieces of their lives. The civil war left some 100,000 people dead and an economy crippled. But the country is now looking forward to recovery; and we have new opportunities to proclaim God’s wonderful message of love, peace, and reconciliation.

We began translating our resources into Tamil and Sinhala, the main languages used in Sri Lanka. We will be expanding the number of resources available in 2018, to give many more people access to the life-changing wisdom of the Bible.

Our “Sponsor a Book” project invites Our Daily Bread readers in our Asia-Pacific region to sponsor Annual Editions of Our Daily Bread for Sri Lankans who cannot afford the devotional. So far we have been able to secure sponsorships for over 1,500 people living in rural areas and we hope to grow that list to 10,000 in the coming years.

United Kingdom

A New Devotional for Teens!

“I’m only 11 years old and I love to read Our Daily Bread. I read it before I go to bed at night and my grandma sometimes reads it to me when I stay at her house. I think Our Daily Bread encourages many people to make smart choices. I even take it to school sometimes and read it!”

The Bible isn’t just for grown-ups and we’ve made sure the teaching of Our Daily Bread isn’t just for grown-ups either. The Our Daily Bread Ministries office in the United Kingdom created a new devotional just for teens and preteens!

The first edition created in 2016 was extremely well received—over 10,000 copies were distributed throughout the UK! We received great interest from youth leaders, pastors, and organizers of summer camps. It’s been fantastic to help encourage teens to get into God’s Word. The second edition, released in 2017, includes 365 daily Bible-readings from Our Daily Bread (adapted for 11–16 year olds) along with special articles on prayer, becoming a Christian, and mobile phone addiction. It’s even got a guide to help teenagers read through the Bible’s story in a year!

United States

Bringing the Bible to Life

One of the most radical transformations in the Bible was that of the apostle Paul, who went from an enemy of the faith to its great defender. This transformation intrigued New Testament scholar Dr. Constantine Campbell so much that we partnered with him to trace Paul’s life and missionary journeys from Jerusalem across the Mediterranean world to Rome. The result was a  new seven-part DVD series, In Pursuit of Paul. Developed for both individuals and small groups, viewers are taken along on this travelogue-style adventure so they can better know Paul and the profound effect he had on Christianity.

Here are some ways people are sharing the devotionals.

“We are studying the book of Acts in our church Bible Study. This film has been an invaluable tool in making the book of Acts really come alive!”

“This DVD series gives the believer a perspective on the life of Paul that is very powerful and really helps you in gaining a better understanding of many of the letters Paul wrote.”

Pray for us in 2018!

The prayers of Our Daily Bread readers help to sustain our ministry.
Would you be willing to pray for Our Daily Bread Ministries in 2018?
Here are some specific needs you can take to God in your prayer time. Thank you!

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In helping to reach more people in 2018?

Lives are Changed through Our Daily Bread

Just want to thank you and let you know my ministry appreciates and prays for your ministry! I just received the new Our Daily Bread and some Discovery Series booklets. Your work is so important in what we do. For example, yesterday outside our local courthouse in just two hours we prayed with seventy-seven people; two of those came to Christ. For those who walk by and pray with us, we find a little about their need and then apply one of your booklets. Our Daily Bread gets handed out to anyone that comes and asks for them.


Thank you all for helping me to grow as a Christian daily. I am currently in an Oregon prison. About one year ago I was really struggling with depression and considered ending my life. I have always been a believer in God, though I never truly got what an amazing God He is. I didn’t think I was worthy of His grace until a couple of the guys, who were in county jail with me, got me reading the Our Daily Bread and Psalms and Proverbs on a daily basis. By God’s grace, He led those four brothers to me to show me the light. The best part of my morning is waking up praying and reading Our Daily Bread. Thank you for inspiring me and countless others daily.


I wanted to tell you how much the reading of Our Daily Bread means to me. It is the first thing I do in the morning and sets the pace of the day for me. It refreshes me and gives me something to think about in my heart.
It has been a Godsend to me, and I pray I receive it many more years to come.


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