Month: March 2015

Realizing God’s Calling in My Life

Written by J. Chow, Canada I had a difficult conversation with a good friend the other night. I was still thinking about it when I went to bed, and woke up late the next morning. I hate waking up late and still feeling tired. I missed class. I finally got up to make breakfast. The […]

Pain With A Purpose

I asked several friends what their most difficult, painful experience in life had been. Their answers included war, divorce, surgery, and the loss of a loved one. My wife’s reply was, “The birth of our first child.” It was a long and difficult labor in a lonely army hospital. But looking back, she said she considers it joyful “because the pain had a big purpose.”

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Leaving Legacies to Live By

As I scanned the sea of impassive faces on the train on the way to work this morning, it struck me that while nothing looked out of the ordinary, things were no longer the same for my country of Singapore. A week ago, our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, had passed away at the […]

When Anxiety Gets the Better of Me

Written by Christie Frieg, USA “The map says it’ll take me 15 minutes to get there? Challenge accepted. I can do it in five.” (Oh wait, I forgot about stuff like traffic lights and speed limits. Now I’m late.) Living my life on the edge has brought me a lot of anxiety. I’m usually late, […]

What the Bible has to say about a misunderstood disciple of Jesus

Lady of the evening? Curious spectator? Faithful disciple? Who exactly was Mary Magdalene? Get to know Mary better as you listen to today’s program.

Why Me?

British pastor Joseph Parker was asked, “Why did Jesus choose Judas to be one of His disciples?” He thought deeply about the question for a while but could not come up with an answer. He said that he kept running into an even more baffling question: “Why did He choose me?”

Why Me?

Written By Jason Chen, Taiwan (Originally in Traditional Chinese) Why Me? That was the grabbing title of a book I read recently; a question which triggered a lot of memories. Implied in those two words is the larger question: Why does God allow people to suffer unbearable pains? There was once I asked God that […]

Who was and wasn’t Mary Magdalene?

Of all the characters in the Easter story, none are more misunderstood or misjudged than Mary Magdalene. Join us today in our biblical investigation to discover who this important disciple of Jesus really was.

It’s Beautiful!

After being away on business, Terry wanted to pick up some small gifts for his children. The clerk at the airport gift shop recommended a number of costly items. “I don’t have that much money with me,” he said. “I need something less expensive.” The clerk tried to make him feel that he was being cheap. But Terry knew his children would be happy with whatever he gave them, because it came from a heart of love. And he was right—they loved the gifts he brought them.

Who Are You?

From time to time, we read of people who are offended at not being treated with what they consider due respect and deference. “Do you know who I am?” they shout indignantly. And we are reminded of the statement, “If you have to tell people who you are, you probably really aren’t who you think you are.” The polar opposite of this arrogance and self-importance is seen in Jesus, even as His life on earth was nearing its end.

The “Giant” Beside Me

Written By Amy Ji, Singapore During one of my church’s mission prayer focus sessions, I heard an interesting testimony about a young missionary whom I shall refer to as “M”. Just shy of her 30th birthday, God called M to South America where she rented an affordable apartment near her office. There was only one […]

Trail Trees

In recent years, my daughter has become fascinated with the history of the indigenous people in northern Michigan where she lives. One summer afternoon when I was visiting, she showed me a road that had a sign designating “Trail Trees.” She explained to me that it’s believed that long ago the Native Americans bent young trees to point the way to specific destinations and that they continued to grow in an unusual shape.

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