Month: February 2015

I work at a chain of local pharmacies that plays Christian music and at times provides tracks, ministry announcements, small Gideon bibles & the Our Daily Bread (ODB) booklet. The Lord has given me a lot of open doors of opportunity to minister, share the Gospel, and pray for people at work, when they respond to the music and these materials.
Often times, people come in asking for the ODB and are excited to have one, and are disappointed when there are none available. Many of them use the ODB as their only source of hope, comfort, and encouragement.

I am asking the Lord on how I can use these opportunities to fulfill The Great Commission, to make disciples, baptizing them, and teaching them to observe all things that He has commanded us. If you have any recommendations, please let me know how I can take these opportunities to the next level of discipleship. I received a request yesterday from someone asking me to teach them how to study the bible, and it has given me an idea to offer, with the ODB booklet, an invitation to pray for them and to learn how to study the bible. I'll also create an invitation to seek further resources by going to your website and to receive your devotions electronically.

The Lord is definitely using ODB where I work, to reach hundreds, if not thousands of souls in my community!!! Thank you Lord, and thank you Our Daily Bread Ministries for your faithfulness in providing this resource.

Learn The Cost

We gave our 2-year-old son a pair of new boots recently. He was so happy that he didn’t take them off until it was bedtime. But the next day he forgot all about the boots and put on his old sneakers. My husband said, “I wish he knew how much things cost.”

Catching Up With Us

A pastor told this story on himself in his local newspaper. He was chatting with an older man to whom he had just been introduced. “So, you used to work for a utility company,” the pastor said, naming the organization. “Sure did,” the man responded. The pastor remarked that when he was a kid the cables from that company ran across his parents’ property. “Where did you live?” the man asked. When the pastor told him, the man said, “I remember that property. I had a tough time keeping the cable warning signs up. Kids were always shooting them down.”…

A little over a year ago my Mom Margaret McFarland, who had been a faithful reader of Our Daily Bread for years, lost her vision to the point that she could no longer read. One day in our daily phone conversation she said that she missed reading she especially missed reading her daily devotions from ODB and the Daily Guideposts. I realized that I could make that wish come true by reading them to her during my morning calls. So for this past year or so we have shared our devotions together. Our daily devotion together has opened the door to many discussions about our faith and our love of Jesus. My Mom just moved on to Heaven two weeks ago at the age of 93, and while I miss her so very much I have many wonderful memories of our love for each other and among the tops are our daily devotion times. I have just made a contribution to the ministry of ODB and I want you to know it is because of Mom and her love for you folks that I make that gift to continue your ministry.


Thank you you and may God continue to show favor to you as you minister to so many.

Luella Krieger

Find out what comes first: wisdom or knowledge

Wisdom and knowledge seem to be two distinct things. And yet, they also appear to be intertwined. Join us as we unravel the question by continuing our study of Solomon.

A Consistent Life

While studying the book of Daniel, I was struck by how easily he could have avoided being thrown into the den of lions. Daniel’s jealous rivals in the government of Babylon laid a trap based on his consistent practice of daily prayer to God (Dan. 6:1-9). Daniel was fully aware of their plot and could have decided to pray privately for a month until things settled down. But that was not the kind of person he was.

How can we learn from Solomon’s radical display of God-given wisdom?

God had graciously given Solomon wisdom and that gift was put to the test in a difficult case involving two prostitutes with babies!

Changed Perspective

As an early riser, my wife enjoys the quiet moments before the house wakes up and uses it to read the Bible and pray. Recently she settled into her favorite chair, only to be confronted by a rather messy couch left there by “someone” watching a football game the night before. The mess distracted her at first, and her frustration with me interrupted the warmth of the moment.

Discover the practical side of wisdom by looking at the wisest man who lived

What does it mean to be “wise”? Is there more to “wisdom” than simply knowledge? Solomon’s example shows us that wisdom includes moral discernment.

His Choice

When our children were small, I often prayed with them after we tucked them into bed. But before I prayed, I sometimes would sit on the edge of the bed and talk with them. I remember telling our daughter Libby, “If I could line up all the 4-year-old girls in the world, I would walk down the line looking for you. After going through the entire line, I would choose you to be my daughter.” That always put a big smile on Libby’s face because she knew she was special.

Discover the important relational element of wisdom

When they hear the word “wisdom,” a lot of people envision a collection of facts and figures that is stored up in our head. But there is a practical side to wisdom — its relational element!

Longing For Rescue

The movie Man of Steel, released in 2013, is a fresh imagining of the Superman story. Filled with breathtaking special effects and nonstop action, it drew crowds to movie theaters around the world. Some said that the film’s appeal was rooted in its amazing technology. Others pointed to the enduring appeal of the “Superman mythology.”

The Danger of False Teachers: Insights from Jude

The words of some spiritual teachers can be very persuasive, yet something in the shadows of their message sounds an alarm. In this verse-by-verse study of Jude, author Bill Crowder examines the characteristics and methods of false teachers of all generations. Find out how you can identify wrong thinking and protect yourself and others from spiritual danger.

Truth with Love

Find out how you can tell others about Jesus, be knowledgeable and respectful of differences, and stand firm in your own beliefs.

Let’s learn from a man who found wisdom in his sleep

People look for it in school, in books, or in real-life experiences, but still may never find it. So the question is, where do we find wisdom? Join our discussion as we begin a new study on “The Wisdom of Solomon.”