We will do our best to provide uninterrupted delivery of our materials.  In the USA and in Canada Our Daily Bread is sent by 3rd class mail, which the postal service does not forward. Please contact us with your new address.

In the United States:

Our Daily Bread Ministries
3000 Kraft Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Our Daily Bread Ministries
PO Box 2222
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

(+1-616) 974 2210


or in Canada write to:

Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada
11325 Firgrove Dr.
Windsor, Ontario N8P 1L4

Our Daily Bread Ministries Canada
PO Box 1622
Windsor, Ontario N9A 6Z7

(+1-519) 956 2400

(+1-519) 956 2449


Not from the USA or Canada? Click here for a complete list of our regional office addresses from around the world.


(“Snowbirds” is a term used when referring to individuals in North America who move south for the winter months of the year.)

In the United States:
Please file a forwarding address with the post office when you move.

In Canada:
Please send both of your addresses to our office listed above. Please also include the dates you will be at each address.