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The Potter: Reflections of a Master Artisan, Part II

Rediscover God’s creative power to mold and shape you into a beautiful vessel designed for His glory.

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The Potter: Reflections of a Master Artisan, Part I

Rediscover God’s creative power to mold and shape you into a beautiful vessel designed for His glory.

The Wonder of Creation: Wilderness, Part II: What the Wild Reveals About Us

In the wilderness, the sounds and rhythms of life change. In the emptiness and silence of the wild, the cycle of distractions can be broken as you leave behind computers, hectic schedules, and interruptions. And for those who have ears to hear, the wilderness can teach the wonder of being still in a busy world. […]

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The Wonder of Creation: Wilderness, Part I: What the Wild Reveals About God

The landscape of the wilderness bursts with dramatic and inspiring scenery—quiet rivers and streams, isolated forests, and majestic mountains that rise up to intimidate and challenge anyone who approaches. And for those who have eyes to see, the wilderness reveals its treasures. It also speaks volumes of its Creator, the One responsible for such amazing beauty and design. Experience the wonder of creation in the wilderness, and discover What the Wild Reveals About God.

Runtime: 26 minutes

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The Perfection Deception: Exposing Cultural Myths About Beauty

The Perfection Deception details the pressures women face in a society that judges outward appearance. In contrast, learn God’s definition of true beauty.

The Calling of Billy Graham, Part II

Join us as we explore the life of one of God’s faithful servants, Billy Graham. Hear about his humble beginnings on a small North Carolina farm and how God called him as a young boy to spread the good news of salvation all around the world.

Other parts of the series:
The Calling of Billy Graham, Part IAvailable for Purchase:
The Calling of Billy Graham (2 Part DVD)

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My Search for Messiah, Part I

For Christians (followers of Christ), Jesus is at the center of everything they believe. As a Jewish young man, Michael Rydelnik refused to even consider Jesus’ claim to be the promised Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures. But when his own mother, a Holocaust survivor, revealed to her family that she now believed in Jesus, it divided their family.

Michael, in an effort to convince his mother that she was wrong, began to study the Messianic prophecies found in the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament Scriptures. Little did he know that his efforts to find evidence to dissuade his mother from her faith in Jesus would in fact lead him to the Jewish Messiah.

Join Dr. Michael Rydelnik as he recounts his own personal journey of discovery in this 3-part series, “My Search for Messiah.”

Runtime: 26 minutes

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Jerusalem: Eternal City

Jerusalem—in land area, a relatively small city when compared to New York, Paris, or Mexico City. In population, for every person here in Jerusalem there are 50 in Tokyo. In natural beauty, she doesn’t compare to San Francisco, Istanbul, or Geneva. No skyscrapers capture the eye on her skyline. Yet for ongoing international fame and world attention, Jerusalem takes a backseat to no other city. And according to the Bible, it will remain at the center of world attention into the future. Discover “Jerusalem: Eternal City.”

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When You Don't See His Plan: The Nadine Hennesey Story

After only 11 months of marriage and pregnant with her first child, the last thing Nadine Hennesey expected was to become a widow.

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The Search for Meaning: What Matters

“Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” are questions we all ask at one time or another. We search for meaning and belonging, and we want to have a purpose for our lives. This documentary walks you through four predictable stages of life that help sort out and process your quest for significance. Noted author Os Guinness reveals how various belief systems answer these questions, and puts worldviews under the microscope to discern what is true and significant about life.


Available for purchase: “The Search for Meaning: What Matters,” DVD.


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Jesus: Man, Messiah, or More? The Resurrection of Jesus, Part VIII

Was Jesus really the Son of God and the Messiah the Bible claims, or was He merely human like the rest of us? For the last 10 years, a group of scholars have been studying this very issue. Watch as they put forth their evidence, and then decide for yourself who Jesus really was. For 2000 years, the resurrection has been the crowning event of Christian faith. But is it more than a matter of faith? Is there historical evidence of an empty tomb?

Runtime: 26 minutes

The Dawning: Christianity in the Roman Empire, Part IV

Take a closer look at the struggles faced by early Christians and their driving force to endure, as Dr. Joseph Stowell, President of Cornerstone University, takes you on an amazing journey to modern-day Rome. You’ll also visit Pompeii, Herculaneum, …

The Miracles of Jesus: Did They Really Happen? Part I

Today, many people respect the historical figure of Jesus as a great teacher, a wise man, or a moral leader who was unjustly tortured and put to death. But they don’t believe He is what He said He was—God in human form. Nor do they believe He actually preformed the miracles recorded in the Bible. Since most people have never seen the natural, physical laws of the universe obviously altered, many doubt that true miracles could ever occur. Mart DeHaan and Jimmy DeYoung investigate evidence for a miracle-working Jesus.

Runtime: 26 minutes

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Divine Rescue & The Three Faiths of Jerusalem, Part V

You only need to look at the headlines in the news to realize that something is very wrong with the human condition. From ancient times, people have been trying to find a way to regain what was lost in the Garden of Eden. In Divine Rescue and The Three Faiths of Jerusalem see how Jewish, Christian, and Muslim people view the need of divine rescue from our urge to live life at the expense of others.

Runtime: 26 minutes

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The Time to Live Is Now: The Legacy of Lygon Stevens

This inspiring docudrama presents the experiences of the Stevens family who lost their daughter and sister, Lygon, to the sudden and unexpected sweep of an avalanche. Join them as they recount the painful events of that tragic day and explore the pages of Lygon’s journal that offer answers to the question “Why, God?” Gain a better understanding of who God is during times of trials and losses. Discover how you can trust the sovereign God no matter what you experience in life.

Available for Purchase:
The Time to Live is Now: The Legacy of Lygon Stevens (DVD)