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    Need CEU credit?

    Christian University GlobalNet is an approved provider for biblical studies continuing education credits (CEUs) for ACSI. Cost is $40/course. Each course is worth 2 CEU's.

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    CUGN now offers over 24 online degrees/programs!

    Christian University GlobalNet now offers over 24 different degree programs for all types of learners. Visit www.cugn.org/programs to read more!

    Looking for CEU credit?

    Christian University GlobalNet is an approved provider for biblical studies continuing education credits (CEUs) for ACSI. Each course is only $40 and is worth 2 CEU credits.

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    Certificate in Spiritual Direction Program Now Available!

    Do people look to you for advice or spiritual counsel? When those opportunities come up, do you sometimes feel inadequate to the task? Read more about this NEW program by clicking here. 

    Guide to Online Learning Now Available!

    Discover why online learning at Christian University GlobalNet (CUGN) may be right for you. Click here to get your copy!

    CUGN T-Shirts Now Available!

    On the front of the black tee, you will find “CUGN” in block letters. Inside the letters are the names, in very small print, of all the courses we offer. On the back of the shirt, you will find a giant-sized QR code surrounded by the entire text of Psalm 119. The QR code leads to an upbeat two-minute video about CUGN. Click…

    CUGN Programs are Expanding!

    Have you heard? CUGN now offers online certificate, undergraduate and graduate degree programs! Read more at www.cugn.org/programs

    Online Master of Arts in Ministry Studies

    Are you seeking support positions or leadership positions in the local church? Consider enrolling into the accredited Master of Arts in Ministry Studies track in collaboration with Grace College (Winona Lake, IN). Click here to read more.

    Earn Your Degree Faster and Save Money!

    Consider taking our free Bible Competency AP exam to test out of a portion of your studies and potentially save hundreds of dollars! Click here to read more.

    New Program! Certificate in Spiritual Direction

    “I believe that most people fight their battles alone. They fight their worst battles alone. I believe that across the world there are millions of people, hundreds of millions, who struggled alone – people who fight personal battles of every description that no one else sees..." -Dr. Larry Crabb

    Join the discussion in the new program, Certificate in Spiritual Direction…

    New online, accredited Bachelor of Science degree!

    Transfer up to 15 credit hours from CUGN toward a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Cornerstone University. Read how at www.cugn.org/cornerstone

    Need CEU credit?

    Do you need continuing education units? Read about our partnership with ACSI by clicking here

    Certificate in Bible Program!

    Christian University GlobalNet’s Certificate in Bible is designed for those who want to develop a solid foundation of biblical knowledge for their own learning and/or to allow them to be more effective in their teaching or preaching of God’s Word. The teaching in the certificate program opens a new understanding of the Bible, its stories, its message, its meta-narrative, and its wisdom. Click…

    Cornerstone University Track!

    Cornerstone University (Grand Rapids, MI) grants 15 hours of credit to students completing the CUGN Bible survey program and apologetics studies. Learn which degrees are offered completely online at www.cugn.org/cornerstone

    Earn an Online, Accredited Degree!

    Interested in a pursuing an education but need flexibility? We offer over 8 online, accredited degrees to choose from. Click here to read more.  Contact Josh Jacobson at admissions@cugn.org with questions!