Work Place Values

Employee Involvement
Spiritual Emphasis
Covenant of Expectations
Training and Development

Employee Involvement
At RBC Ministries we are committed to fulfilling our ministry purpose and managing our daily tasks through the involvement of our employees. We strive to engage each employee’s full participation to best achieve the goals of the ministry. Within the broader scope of the ministry, teams are formed around specific functions. All employees work on a team whose individual members combine their skills to plan, schedule, solve problems, and take action to improve the quality of their work.

We believe teamwork has the greatest potential to bring about job satisfaction for each employee. The ministry also benefits from having a flexible, multi-skilled workforce. RBC employees broaden their skills, engage in work-related decisions, and enjoy variety and teamwork in the workplace. By drawing on each team member’s full contribution, we can achieve together what none of us could accomplish individually.

Our President, Mart De Haan, penned the following thoughts to summarize our vision for how we strive to work together:

As co-workers with a mission far greater than ourselves, we have a vision of a workplace where the values we share are mirrored in the way we work together.

In this workplace, people are more important than processes. Relationships are more important than products. And the services we provide to one another and others are as important as our own personal needs. In this workplace, individuals and teams give one another the same kind of consideration they want for themselves.

Because all of us are filled with ideas, concerns, and the ability to solve problems, we see a workplace where we all participate in the management of our own work.

Because by working together we can do what none of us could do by ourselves, we see a workplace where we take initiatives together to plan our work, solve problems, and improve the quality of the products or services we are providing.

We have a vision of a workplace dignified and distinguished not only by our shared mission but by the quality of the way we work together.

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Spiritual Emphasis
RBC Ministries is a nondenominational ministry that encourages employees spiritually in support of our commitment to honor Christ in the workplace. RBC provides time for group and team devotions, and holds a ministry-wide chapel service once each week. Significant days such as Christmas, Easter, and the National Day of Prayer are an opportunity for coming together in special chapel services. These times are intended to strengthen the work environment by encouraging a spiritual bond among employees.

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Covenant of Expectations

What we can expect from one another at RBC

What Employees Can Expect From RBC
What RBC Can Expect From Employees

RBC must remain true to our common mission, values, and guiding principles.

We all need to support our common mission, values, and guiding principles-if we can’t do that, we need to move on.

RBC must provide competent leaders who serve with humility and integrity.

We all need to visibly demonstrate service to one another-consider the needs of others as well as our own.

RBC must treat our staff with fairness and respect.

We all need to respect our co-workers-our attitudes affect those around us.

RBC must invest in the ongoing development of each employee.

We all need to improve ourselves to meet the changing needs of the ministry-our jobs won’t be the same in the future.

RBC must make every effort to keep us employed as we support changes that impact our work.

We all need to improve our work processes to accomplish our mission more effectively-even if it changes the way we do our own work.

RBC must use the ministry’s resources wisely because they are not our own.

We all need to use the ministry’s resources wisely because they are not our own- remember those who give sacrificially.

RBC must provide us with clear expectations and accountability.

We all need to accept accountability.

RBC must encourage participation
a. A safe place to communicate will be provided
b. Everyone’s point of view is invited
c. All will be listened to
d. Investment in each other will be made through constructive feedback
e. Information will be openly provided

RBC must provide an enjoyable work atmosphere.

We all need to participate-give our best effort.
a. Speak up-it’s hard to know what silence means
b. It’s OK to disagree-do so graciously
c. Listen to others
d. Provide constructive feedback-invest in others
e. Stay informed

We need to have fun and enjoy our work.

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Personal development
RBC’s commitment to continual improvement means the training and development of our most important resource-our staff-is a fundamental element of our work culture and philosophy. Training opportunities are made available to employees through various in-house and outside training programs, an on-site Learning Center, tuition reimbursement, and personal enrichment classes.

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