Employment Opportunities

About RBC Ministries
The RBC headquarters is located in Cascade Township, on the southeast side of metro Grand Rapids. With a convenient campus located less than one mile from the I-96 highway, employees enjoy an easy commute to and from the many neighboring cities and suburban living options. The Grand Rapids facility employs more than 280 individuals, and shares a campus with the offices of sister ministry Discovery House Publishers, whose primary products are produced and warehoused elsewhere.

Jobs at RBC
The types of jobs we offer vary as greatly as the products and services we provide. Most of our positions are fulltime, but we also offer parttime, on-call, temporary, and at-home piece-rate employment. Here is a condensed list of our different job families:

  • Writing, editing, graphic design, biblical counseling
  • Discovery House Publishers, Discovery House Music
  • Printing, packaging/shipping, warehousing
  • Radio and television production, media duplication and distribution
  • International Ministry Outreach
  • Internet design, information and technology services
  • Marketing, finance, human resources, building and grounds maintenance
  • Incoming mail functions, data entry, correspondence, public services

For a list of our current openings, click here.

Workplace Values

Job placement
RBC Ministries strives to place the best people in each position at RBC. Finding the right “fit” reflects our commitment to be good stewards, and it also leads to the highest level of job satisfaction for our employees.

Those who are interested in applying for employment can submit an online application after creating an account or apply in person. Applications are kept on file for 12 months. Applicants selected for consideration as an employment candidate are invited to interview with Human Resources and the hiring work team. References, testing, and background checks are part of the in-depth evaluation process for each serious candidate.

Once an individual becomes part of the RBC team, we are committed to enhancing his/her employment experience with expanded skills and opportunities to meet the changing needs of RBC. Our internal job-posting process alerts all employees to new positions as they become available.