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July Conferences

Don't miss the Bible teaching events planned this year: the ODB Bible Conference, the ODB Christian Ministry Workers' Seminar, and the ODB Youth Conference, all happening in July 2016.

Shine Through

A little girl wondered what a saint might be. One day her mother took her to a great cathedral to see the gorgeous stained-glass windows with scenes from the Bible. When she saw the beauty of it all she cried out loud, “Now I know what saints are. They are people who let the light shine through!”


Some of us might think that saints are people of the past who lived perfect lives and did Jesus-like miracles. But when a translation of Scripture uses the word saint, it is actually referring to anyone who belongs to God through faith in Christ.…

Faith— Not Emotion

We walk by faith, not by sight. —2 Corinthians 5:7

For a while, we are fully aware of God’s concern for us. But then, when God begins to use us in His work, we begin to take on a pitiful look and talk only of our trials and difficulties. And all the while God is trying to make us do…

Bible Teaching Sydney 2016

Rev. Bill Crowder will be in Sydney to deliver insights from the Scriptures on what it means to walk with God and how we can encourage one another onwards.

God’s Enduring Word

At the beginning of World War II, aerial bombings flattened much of Warsaw, Poland. Cement blocks, ruptured plumbing, and shards of glass lay strewn across the great city. In the downtown area, however, most of one damaged building still stubbornly stood. It was the Polish headquarters for the British and Foreign Bible Society. Still legible on a surviving wall were these words: “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away” (Matt. 24:35).

Jesus made that statement to encourage His disciples when they asked Him about the “end of the age” (v. 3). But His words also…

A New Resource

The Journey Series is a devotional study that takes readers through the Bible day by day, book by book. Click [here] to find out more.

A New Resource

The Journey Series is a devotional study that takes readers through the Bible day by day, book by book. Click [here] to find out more.

Context is king!

If your friends around the table could only give you one piece of advice about how to read and study the Bible, what do you think it would be? Most likely, it would be “Pay attention to the context!” and so today on “Discover the Word,” we remember that context is king! Listen today on “Discover the Word”!

Journey Series - 1&2 Timothy-JP

[Go to Journey Series Japan Website]

1&2 Timothy - Watch Your life and Doctrine

The letters of 1 and 2 Timothy are the heartfelt words of Apostle Paul to his successor Timothy. Their underlying purpose was to encourage Timothy in the work of the gospel, which would become increasingly difficult in the last days. Paul’s timeless challenges to Timothy apply to…

Don’t Hurt the Lord

Have I been with you so long, and yet you have not known Me, Philip? —John 14:9

Our Lord must be repeatedly astounded at us— astounded at how “un-simple” we are. It is our own opinions that make us dense and slow to understand, but when we are simple we are never dense; we have discernment all the time. Philip expected the future revelation of a tremendous…

What to do with conflicting Bible verses

What are we to do with conflicting Bible verses like, “Don’t answer a fool according to his folly” and “Answer a fool according to his folly”? Today on “Discover the Word,” we begin a “Discover the Word 101” conversation that can help you make sense of even apparent contradictions in the Bible! Join the group today on “Discover the Word”!

The favored son

Most parents try not to play favorites with their children. But that wasn’t true for some famous families in the Bible. Today on “Discover the Word,” we will discuss, along with our guest Carolyn Custis James, how Jacob’s obvious preference for his younger son, Joseph, created a deep father-wound in his son, Judah. It’s an overlooked “side note” in the Bible that’s critical for us to learn from. A revealing conversation today on “Discover the Word”!